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DJ Champ - Wild & Crazy Guy Productions - Hot Now Records


Location: Texas, United States

Styles: Funky Hard Slammin' House & Breaks

Profile: I have been collecting dance music and playing records since 1994. Since then I have become one of the most highly energetic performers in the United States and are known coast-to-coast for my Wild & Crazy Guy style. I have been playing my unique take on High Energy/Hard Disco House and Breaks for almost 20 years. I have learned to pull from my past experiences and extensive knowledge of music and applied it to both performing and producing House Music. My goal is to make funky ass music that I can share with as many people as possible and to make my fans dance, laugh, and have an all-around AMAZING time. After living and DJing through the San Francisco Bay Area in the 90s and 2000s, I currently call Texas my home. With my distinctive mixture of old school and new school House, you are guaranteed to become an instant fan! Please check out my music page to listen and download my mixes and drop me an email if you have anything to say!!!

Gear Setup: 2 Technics 1200 M3D's, Traktor Kontrol S4 with Traktor Scratch Pro.​

Current Residencies: Hot Now Records - WCG Productions

Former Residencies: Boogie Knights (St. Louis), Nocturnal Productions (SF), PI Production (Seattle), and Powerhouse Productions (St. Louis)

Influences: DJ Dan, DJ Utopia, and Greg J's turntablism.
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